KIYOSEKI Styler Review

The Kiyoseki Styler Review – Are You Looking For Excellent Hair Straightening Wand ? – Stop Searching... This Is it!

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Speaking as a person who has tried every hair-straightening wand ever created on earth. I can truly say, without any doubts, that This Kiyoseki Styler is the best styling wand I've ever utilised. Until Present, the best stylers were those that utilised ceramics and Tourmaline to moisturize and straighten our hair, but this new styler introduces the whole world to Kiyoseki - and with amazing end results. With this Kiyoseki review I'd like to inform you about the results I experienced by using this product.

Kiyoseki Hair Styler Review

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Here's some of the benefits we discovered -

  • Infrared Heat – The infrared heat generated by Tourmaline styles your hair from the inside out, instead of frying your hair like other lesser quality straighteners.
  • Perfect Extreme Shine – The ionic components of Kiyoseki, combined with the ceramic plates and tourmaline, instantly fuse the hair cuticle, locking in moisture and smoothing the shaft for softer, shinier, smoother hair.
  • Slip-free grip and ultra-light, sophisticated design.
  • Styles hair wet or dry.
  • Works on curls by far better than the Chi Styler.
  • Works with long hair & different textures.

The Kiyoseki Styler is the only hair styler that gives the combined ionic advantages of Kiyoseki and Tourmaline. This styler device works on any hair types, from flyaway and frizzy to unmanagable and thick to thin and uncontrollable, and it will surely give your hair new body and aura.

Other lesser quality straightening wands work by applying intense heat directly to your hair. Curly hair tends to be brickly anyway and this intense heat can cause more and more damage, causing chipping, split ends and drying and dulling your hair.

It may in the end turn out straight when you use these wands, but it's also going to be horribly damaged. Over the years I've tried several of these wands. I have very thick, coarse, curly hair and I've never found one single styler that could completely straighten my hair without damaging it in the process.

The Kiyoseki Styler is the next generation hair-straightening stick, and the ceramic pads contain not only Tourmaline but also Kiyoseki, which gives a fantastic boost of ionic molecules to style and smooth your hair even faster and at lower heat. Your hair won't suffer any of the damaging effects of those poor quality stylers when you utilise the Kiyoseki Styler.

The only single whining I had with this product was in the delay it took me to receive it. When I first ordered my Kiyoseki, I was told I'd have to allow three to four weeks for shipping. I did receive it within three weeks, but it had been damaged in transit so I returned it and had to wait another four weeks get a replacement. So it took about almost eight weeks for me to bring this styler to my home an try it.

No matter what, it was well worth the wait. By Utilising Kiyoseki Styler I can completely straighten my hair and when I'm finished it's very smooth and silky and shinier that it's ever been.

The bonus Styling DVD that's included with the purchase was really awesome too and it shares to me lots of new styling inspirations. If you've been trying to find such perfect straightenin wand for years, like I have, then stop searching. The Kiyoseki Styler, This is it !



This Product Has 60-day Warranty
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